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1stincollege's Journal

First In College
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This community is aimed for people who are making huge educational strides in the context of their own family or community. Anyone can join, but I am trying to focus on people that meet one or more of the criteria listed below.
a) Are you the first in your family to go to college?
b) Are you the first girl/boy in your family to go to college?
c) Are you the first person on a particular side of your family to go? (i.e., your dad may be college educated, but nobody in your mom's family is)
d) Do you have college educated parents/family members, but they all went to commuter school, while you attend/attended/plan to attend a residential school?
e) Are you a grad/professional student with no family members holding more than a Bachelor's Degree?
f) Are you a Bachelor's degree student with no family members holding more than an Associate's Degree?
This is a supportive community. I will not tolerate any "ism-s."
No school-bashing.
No advertising of other communities.
I am not the first in my family to go to college, but I once went to a communter school where many of my classmates were the first in their families; and that sparked my interest. I am here for support!
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